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Q: How much is the Graduation Fee?
A: The Graduation Fee is ________. 
Q: What does the graduation fee cover?
A: The graduation fee helps offset the cost of the venue. It also includes the student’s cap, gown, tassel, medallion, and diploma cover.
Q: Is the graduation fee mandatory?
A: If your student plans to march at graduation, yes! The fee is mandatory for anyone participating in graduation exercises. If your student chooses NOT to participate in graduation exercises, you do not need to pay the graduation fee.
Q: I have a cap and gown from an older student. Can my current graduate use that and not pay the graduation fee?
A: Your graduate may have a borrowed cap and gown approved by Dr. Heath. However, the graduation fee must be paid less the cost of a cap and gown.
Q: Who do I contact to find out if I paid the graduation fee?
A: If you cannot find the record of receipt, please reach out to our graduation coordinator, Dr. Christa Heath (
Q: I need financial assistance for fees related to student life. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact Erika Cohen ( for questions regarding financial assistance.