How can I join the PTSA? It couldn't be easier to join the PTSA. Simply go to Join PTSA Online and register using Paypal or a credit card. If you prefer traditional methods, use our PTSA Membership form found on our Forms page. Print, complete, write out a check, and return it (mail or hand deliver) to the Centennial HS front office in the care of PTSA. What does the PTSA do at Centennial? The PTSA at Centennial is focused on improving the educational experience for all students. To that end, we:

  • Fund teacher and staff Mini Grants for special programs that are not funded through other means (the County or the school)
  • Fund senior volunteer scholarships for college
  • Publish the eNews digital newsletter
  • Maintain this website
  • Maintain online Student & Family Directory
  • Coordinate participation in the annual National Reflections Art Program, sponsored by the National PTA
  • Manage activities and motivational speakers for Red Ribbon drug awareness week
  • Work with the Counseling Department to assist with special programs, such as college visits, Georgia Apply to College Day, Mock SAT/PRA testing, AP Exams, and many others
  • There are many other ways that we stay involved. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to our Presidents at

What does the "S" stand for in PTSA? The "S" stands for Students, as students are included as part of our Parent, Teacher Association. In order to qualify for PTSA scholarships, the individual student must be a member of the PTSA.


How can I volunteer? To volunteer, email There are many positions available that don't require in-person time at all and we would very much appreciate your time at home as well..


Who is in charge of __________________? To find out a list of Committee Chair officers, please reference the PTSA Officers/Chairs. Any further questions can be addressed to any Executive Board member.


What's going on at the school? The best way to stay informed is to check the school and PTSA websites every week and read the Knightly News which is published weekly by the Admin team at the school. The PTSA website will maintain a scrolling calendar of events on our homepage. Furthermore, from the home page, you may click on the School Information/Links on the right hand side.


Help me find ___________ organization. From our home page, there is a list of links to other school-related websites on the right hand side under the scrolling calendar.


How do I know when the sports are happening at school and how do I buy tickets to the games/events?. Buy tickets here.  And for all athletics information, click here.